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☁︎ Spooky Collection ☁︎

I've pulled a selection of pieces that tie in with the occult and otherworldly. The underbelly of emotion, dreams, déjà vus, all tying together with a sense of strange familiarity. A sort of blurry memory not had this lifetime. Perhaps theses transcribed images, scratched out in ink or oil or charcoal, are messages meant to be decoded. A trail of breadcrumbs to follow into and out of your nightmares as they are turned into to fairy tales, however twisted they might be. Some of these pieces are inspired by dreams, others are objects and places that lure you in. Haunt you. Become your friend and muse, your constant companion. Your familiars.

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Good ol' nature photos

iPhone photography by Jessica Gallardo. "Blue hour - Sweet Stormy Weather"   Aaah its the perfect weather. Sometimes I'll just have to go for a walk in the rain, or cuddle up inside with a good book and some hot tea or Cuban coffee. Always inspiring, always magical. Do you enjoy stormy weather? ♥︎ Jess

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