☁︎ Spooky Collection ☁︎

☁︎ Spooky Collection ☁︎

Oversized sweaters, boots & crunchy leaves. Hot coffee on a chilly morning. Halloween classics on repeat all month long. Pumpkin flavored everything.
Also reasons to love October:
Samhain. A portal to the Underworld. The thinning of the veil. Activated psyche. Entering and playing in the shadows. Magic and whispers on the breeze. Ancestors in my dreams, releasing & endings, honoring the dead. Dark spirits, protected.

Happy October darlings.


I've pulled a selection of pieces that tie in with the occult and otherworldly. The underbelly of emotion, dreams, déjà vu, all tying together with a sense of strange familiarity. A sort of blurry memory not had this lifetime. Perhaps theses transcribed images, scratched out in ink or oil or charcoal, are messages meant to be decoded. A trail of breadcrumbs to follow into and out of your nightmares as they are turned into to fairy tales, however twisted they might be. Some of these pieces are inspired by dreams, others are objects and places that lure you in. Haunt you. Become your friend and muse, your constant companion. Your familiars.

La Mort & Skully - embellished prints by Jessica Gallardo
Skully & La Mort - Embellished prints
Beetle Choker - by Jessica Gallardo
Beetle Choker - Oil painting on canvas
The Blessing Trio by Jessica Gallardo
The Blessing Trio - Mixed media on burlap
Raven skull study by Jessica Gallardo
Raven Skull Study - Oil painting on canvas
Eclipse by Jessica Gallardo
Eclipse - Mixed media on watercolor paper
Rainbow Souls by Jessica Gallardo
Rainbow souls - Mixed media on watercolor paper
Moon Surface No. 1 - India ink & gouache on watercolor paper
Moon surface No. 1 - India ink & gouache on watercolor paper, frame included
High Priestess by Jessica Gallardo
High Priestess - Oil painting on canvas
Skeleton Key by Jessica Gallardo
Skeleton Key - Oil Painting on canvas
Astrid by Jessica Gallardo
Astrid - Oil painting on canvas paper
Batty by Jessica Gallardo
Batty - India ink on water color paper
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