Jessica Gallardo is an artist, illustrator, and writer based out of South Florida & Houston, Texas. Her work is a blend of traditional and contemporary styles, with a focus on deciphering messages shared through otherworldly impressions. A dream, a deja-vu, a glitch in the matrix, a melody that came to mind… 

As a self taught artist, she has honed her craft through dedication and a passion for creating art that both stirs and soothes the soul. Inspired by elements of fantasy, emotion, and whispers from her dreamscapes, she creates a truly enchanting world, blending painting, storytelling and illustration.

The influence of psychology and dreams on Jessica’s art, writing, and storytelling is a crucial aspect of her creative process. Delving into the depths of the mind and exploring the subconscious allows for coexisting realities to bloom as poetic musings, as a silent visual language of thought and imagination.

Email: jsssgallardo@gmail.com

IG: jessicagallardoart